Khara Doyle has been SUPping for 7 years and claimed the title of Overall 2019 SA SUP Champion. Photo credit to Jarryd Doyle.

We recently met up with 2019 SA SUP Champion, Khara Doyle, and asked her a few fun questions about her SUP career, personal interests and other things related to life in general. Read on to see what the Champion had to say, herself.

1. What does being in the ocean mean to you? “Hard to answer in a short paragraph! I have been fortunate to grow up in a family that loves the beach! I have surfed since I was a little girl and always loved the ocean. The ocean is a space where I can experience God’s nature and enjoy the outdoors. I love the thrill of taking a wave and trying to improve from my last one. The ocean is a place to share the waters with one another and most of all have fun! I always find it peaceful and refreshing being in the sea.”

2. Tell us about your SUP experience/career? “I have been SUPping for about 7 years now. I competed in the very first lady only SUP competition in 2013 only having been on a SUP a few times before and have loved the thrill and uniqueness of the sport ever since. It’s been great being a part of one of the fast growing water sports and feeling more and more how the equipment is advancing the performance level. I made my first open woman final in the SA champs in 2016 and 2017 was a big year for me when I first made the SA team. I was again selected as part of the SA team in 2019, and we headed off to El Salvador to compete in great conditions! I love SUPing and competing – the community has been a great one to be apart of.”

The Ocean is where Khara feels closest to God. Photo credit to Jarryd Doyle.

3. Favourite surf spot and why? “International, definitely El Salvador so far. What incredible right hand point breaks! What I would do to surf those breaks again! Local, definitely love a good J-Bay trip.”
4. When you’re not in the Ocean, what are you up to? “Probably finding the best coffee with my husband, Jarryd!”
5. What are your goals for the near future? “My goal is to continue to represent my country and compete where I can! To stay extremely motivated and continue to develop my skills and grow professionally.”

When Khara is not out in the Ocean or busy working on her fitness levels with Cross-Fit, she’s out with hubby in search of the best coffee in town. Photo credit to Jarryd Doyle.

6. How important is a wetsuit in the Cape, and what do you look for when choosing a wetsuit? “The ocean can get extremely cold in the Cape, so a good wetsuit is definitely a must have! Two suits for the winter if you surf a lot and want a dry suit for the next day. I like the chest zip, and like to have a 2/3 and 3/4 option, especially with SUPing! With the cold water in the Cape, I look for a good fitting suit with good seams to prevent water coming in and some sort of fleece to help maintain body heat!”
7. What gets your adrenaline pumping the most? “An overhead walled up right hand break, with a fast takeoff!”
8. What has been the best advice you were ever given? “Another hard question! One thing I can say is that repeating the following verse has definitely given me strength and peace during my competing: Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!” “
9. Post-surf meal? “No 1 – always in need of good coffee after a surf! Mostly bananas or fruit until i get home, otherwise hot chips always goes down well too.

10. What do you love most about your Derevko wettie? “I love my Derevko suit! It is neat and fits so well and snug in all areas! The 3.2mm has been perfect for SUPing, mobility is great and hardly lets in any water!”

Thanks for your time, Khara! And, best of luck with the future. Photo credit to Jarryd Doyle.

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