Team Rider, Ted Preciado, is a legend in the local surf scene and an all round good chap.

Ted Preciado is a complete legend on the West Coast of Cape Town. The Master is known for his cruisey longboard style, uploading his surf watch report on Facebook after every session with the current sea temperature and tagging all his mates he saw out there, and as well as for his eternal stoke for surfing that is most inspiring to the rest of us in the water. With almost 70 years of experience at life under his belt, we decided to link up and get a bit personal with him.

1. What does surfing mean to you?

Surfing means pretty much everything to me. Even though I don’t surf every day I still feel like a stoked grom each and every time I manage to get a session in. I’m getting on in years (I’ll be 70 on Jan. 15, 2020). So, it is a bit frustrating not being able to do the things I’d like (surf a shortboard or have a super long session). But I actually live for surfing.

2. Favourite surf spot and why?

My favourite surf spot here in Blouberg is Doodles when it’s glassy and about 2-3 foot and running. But my all-time favourite spot is Point at J-Bay. It’s such a perfect wave and the better the wave the better one surfs.

3. When you’re not surfing, what are you up to?

Not a whole lot, but I love playing guitar, love watching sport on TV and just chilling.

4. How important is style in and out the water?

If you mean surfing style, then I like style that’s not forced, but flowing. I’d rather see long down-the-line flow than hacks and airs. Out of the water – then, just be a good person.

5. Post-surf meal?

I’m not concerned with eating healthy (haha). So, maybe a pizza or good burger and chips will suffice.

Post-surf stoke at one of his favourite spots, Doodles. Styling in his DRVKO 4.3mm Black Edition wettie.

6. How important is your wetsuit in the Cape and what do you look for when choosing a wetsuit?

A wetsuit is essential all year round here in the cape, so it’s super important. Because we wear a wettie every session, they don’t last as long as we’d like, so when choosing a wetsuit I look for value for money. But, it must be comfortable and keep you warm, obviously. I usually go for a mid-range wetsuit as they are more robust and are not as pricey as the top range.

7. What gets your adrenaline pumping the most?

Surfing good waves, regardless of spot, and having a good session. One wave can make your day.

8. What has been the best advice you were ever given?

Learn from your past, live for the present, but plan for the future.

9. What do you think of the current national surf scene?

It’s not at the heights of the 70s and 80s really, but it’s in a good upwards trend at the moment. We have great surfers here and what’s fantastic about South Africa is we have relatively uncrowded waves.

10. What do you love most about your Derevko wettie?

I love my Derevko wetsuit. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and it’s very good value for money. My Black Edition 4:3mm is easy to get into and for a ballie – that’s important! It’s comfy and keeps me warm all year round. I’m stoked to represent the brand. P.S. Keep on surfing!

Quick word from the DRVKO Team: We are very honoured to have Ted representing DRVKO. Ted – Keep inspiring other surfers and showing us that passion lives on forever!

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