Manie catches Matty Dunsmore out the water.


Manie: Matty, you’re such a phenomenal surfer – where did it all start for you? 

Matty: Everyone always asks me when I started surfing. I couldn’t tell you when I first got on a board or when I first started getting into the sport, but being in the water was just normal to me when I was a kid. Having a pool in my back yard and North Narrabeen beach just a 2-minute walk up the road certainly extended my hours in the water. To tell you the truth, I’m pretty sure I was swimming before I was walking properly – then again, my old man was always there to take me to the beach or carry my board, because I couldn’t hold it under my arm yet. I always wanted to be in the water, so that’s what I did.

Manie: It must have been amazing to be that close to the ocean growing up. Tell me a bit more about the area and community.

Matty: I grew up in North Narrabeen, Sydney (Australia). I still stay here and I never want to leave. It’s an amazing place with good people, a tight little community where everyone is always looking out for one another. The crowds in the surf are a concern sometimes but I guess that’s just like anywhere these days when it’s good.

Manie: That is amazing, now the answer everyone is dying to hear. Your favourite waves? 

Matty: My favourite waves.. It’s hard to answer as there are so many good ones I’ve never surfed yet. As for my favourite waves I’ve surfed. Desert Point is hard to go past. It’s defiantly the most perfect wave I’ve ever surfed. Then there’s Shipsterns – which is the opposite to perfect but to me that was an amazing experience. I can’t leave out Cloud Break, those waves are unbelievable! All that aside my favourite waves would have to be any waves that barrel, there is no better feeling then coming out of a good tube..

Manie: Sounds like you are quite the all-round surfer. Have you ever been caught in a gnarly situation in the water?

Matty: I’ve never really had any extremely scary moments in the water. I’ve been lucky so far, never had a severe wipe-out or hold down that has put me in hospital or made me start second guessing myself. I’ve done a little bit of breath training in the past which has taught me to relax when under water. That has helped quite a lot, I’m hoping to do more of that training in the future.


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