“Kiteboarding is something special. Compared to any other sport it stands out in a spectacular way, using the winds to guide you – and this can 100% be applied to life.

I started kiteboarding a few years back and the bug latched itself onto my heart quicker than the wind reaches 30+ knots in Cape Town. Cape Town is definitely the perfect place for that bug to bite, Summer winds easily reach 40 knots and with pro’s often coming this way to train it’s easy to find yourself that much needed inspiration to step up your game.

Coming from an entirely different sport I was not 100% sure what to expect regarding the people I will be sharing the water with, thankfully one of the first characters I got into contact with was Ozzie Smith and if you have ever met this lad you’ll know why kiteboarding is such an easy sport to see yourself in. Usually when you get sportsmen who punch well above your weight class they seldom make eye contact – but Ozzie is not one to shy away from a cold one with anyone.

Back to the sport of kiteboarding, the world we live in today you seldom get the chance to make a decision and follow your own path – kiteboarding is just that. I grew up regularly going to the beach and sharing my time with the ocean, fishing and scuba diving my hours away. The ocean has always been that special place for me and I find it very difficult to explain my passion for it to others – it literally takes my breath away every single time. It’s this beautiful underwater world where everything just runs so much more efficiently than we could ever dream of. When kiteboarding you find yourself on this platform with endless amounts of space and you can venture wherever you dream of without anything obstructing your thoughts. It’s this beautiful action of stepping off a land filled with buildings and laid out routes onto this massive open world where it is up to you what happens next. This place gives you full control of your every action – isn’t that what we all desire?

Heading out onto the beach while getting completely sandblasted while pumping your kite as hard as you possibly can and squinting your eyes as you lay out your lines and attach them to your kite. Launching your kite, running to jump onto your board, gaining as much speed as you can before you reach that first kicker ahead of you and jerking at the bar to launch off a wave only to look down at the world – it’s an unreal feeling and something I wouldn’t ever trade.

If adrenaline is not what your after then jump onto the water and cruise around as you absorb the oceans beauty. Get that well deserved fresh breath of air and enjoy the spray of cold water against your face. I guarantee you, you’ve never felt so refreshed.

Here I am trying the put down that feeling on paper – we can all agree it’s not happening. If these 500 words triggered even the slightest interest within you, this sport is for you. Strap yourself onto a kite and find yourself in a world without any obstructions, in a world where everything that takes place is up to you, a place where you have full control and you’ll stretch those cheeks wider than you thought possible.

That’s a promise.”

– Manie Lubbe

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