Derevko Wetsuits | Best Affordable Quality

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Derevko Wetsuits | Best Affordable Quality

Derevko Wetsuits was initially founded with the idea to provide the public with an affordable, yet top notch quality wetsuit.

Unknowingly, in 2007 we embarked on a journey that would leave storytellers speechless. We would soon after set foot on an un-wandered path that would lead us to new ideas and an identity that would separate us from the norm. We are born on land, but raised by sea.


Produced using only the highest grade neoprene rubber, our wetsuits are designed to be incredibly comfortable, warm and durable.

Our limited lifetime quality guarantee ensures you have complete peace of mind when purchasing a DRVKO wetsuit.

Find our products in Cape Town South Africa, Capbreton France and Narrabeen Australia – links in the righthand corner menu.

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