Now that you’ve bought your brand new wetsuit, you want it to last for as many surfs as possible. Here are our tips and tricks to extend the life of your suit – look after your wetsuit, and it will look after you!

Khara Doyle suiting up for a sesh at Muizenberg.

Stay clear of sharp objects (as best you can). Wetsuits can be pretty fragile, so try to avoid rocks, reef and the gravel in the carpark. The same goes for velcro. Remember to close velcro on leashes, booties, and on the neck of your suit, so the velcro only grips onto what it’s supposed to.

Jordan Peace spinning with style. Photo credit to Jacques Sellschop.

Rinse your wetsuit. While you’re still frothing from that session, rinse your wetsuit inside and out in fresh water.

Post-surf stoke at Doodles with Ted Preciado.

Hang up your freshly rinsed wetsuit inside out to dry in the shade. Direct sunlight is not neoprene’s friend. Hang your wetsuit in half through a hanger and not from the neck. Wetsuits can be pretty heavy when they’re full of water so hanging them by the neck and shoulders will stretch it out.

Keep your wetsuit out of the sun by simply getting some tube time. Pic by Alan van Gysen.

After it’s been drying for a while, turn it inside out and give the other side a chance to dry too. This step is just as important as rinsing. You want a dry wetsuit on both sides and not a half-dry funky smelling suit to put on for your next session.

Jelaine taking a stroll to the top of the point in E-Bay. Pic by Jean Maree.

Once in a while give your wetsuit a thorough wash with some wetsuit shampoo. This will help get the last of the stubborn saltwater and next time you suit up, you’ll feel so fresh and so clean.

Enjoy the surf!

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