Create your own surf wall to keep you dreaming.

As the world dives into isolation mode in an attempt to quell the spread of coronavirus, surfers around the planet long for their freedom of movement. Each country has set out their own rules with some nations completely banning a lengthy list of outdoor activities, and this includes our one favourite form of exercise and ocean therapy – surfing. 

Today, we are here to ride the wave of positivity and bring to you some creative ideas to keep your stoke alive and your fire for surfing burning throughout isolation. From surf-centric workouts to groovy tools to decorate your hibernation station with, here’s just a few of our pick of the bunch and what we have been getting up to:
There is a lot to be said for the old motto; “outer calm, inner calm”. Our environments have a rather significant influence on our general moods and mindsets. When inside four walls is the environment we are to live in every day during enforced quarantine, it is now more sacred than ever to be mindful of your space. Not being able to enjoy the surf sessions you planned, especially after waiting out a whole summer to jump into the autumn swell, is a major bummer. However, at least you are able to bring some of the beach vibes back into your life and into your space at home. Decorate your place with surf-inspired items, such as, flip through those old Zags lying around and hang up an old Mr Price Pro 2008 poster on your wall. Or, heck, make your own surf scene by cutting out firing waves and barrels and pluck them on an A2 piece of cardboard you bought from CNA a while ago. Paint surf images on coffee mugs, build garden tea tables out of your snapped boards lying in the roof of the garage. Those shells laying outside that you randomly picked up off the beach after all your surf sessions in the past? Why not create a shell mobile with fishing line and hang it by your window. Build and create anything surf-inspiring to keep you stoked and pumped for your next surf!
Imagination activation! Steal some chalk from the kid in the house, get your mind-surfing flowing, and draw clean, glassy offshore pearlers rolling on to your driveway for some epic carve time. Or, choppy onshore ramps for those airs. Skateboarding shares many of the fundamentals of surfing, allowing you to practice over and over, despite needing any surf at all. It is excellent for practicing flow, generating your own speed, and is an easy way to learn the mechanics of surfing while having complete control of your surroundings. Skating also allows you to try out and experiment with new carves and helps you visualize new lines just as you would on the wave, all while keeping you strong and fit for the next surf. Grab your skateboard and get skate-surfing at your very own private surf spot!
Woo hoo – the good ol’ balance board. AKA, the indo board, wobble board, trick board, try-keep-my-balance-for-more-than-three-seconds board, this-is-how-i-get-barrelled board. These bad boys are an excellent way of bringing board sports into your home. Balance boards rock a pretty simple design, however, there is a certain technique to riding them. Surfers should be something of an advantage as we already have quite a good feel for balance and distributing our weight across a wobbly board. If you are new to it, it will probably take you a few kooky wipeouts before you nail the technique. What a way to feel like a beginner again!
If there are any businesses that are thriving in the current circumstances, it’s streaming platforms. Without trying to “break” the Internet during the ongoing pandemic, enforced lockdown is a good time to take advantage of them. Catch up on phenomenal media that surfing brands and indie filmmakers have been creating over the years. We have had some kitesurfing friends recommend “Chapter One” and “Upwind”, which have been some insane productions. Go check them out.

Visualize lines on your driveway as you would on the wave, just like Brandon “Dozza” Hanekom.

These are just some of our favourite ways that we have managed to stay surf-sane during these challenging times of lockdown, and we hope that it has inspired other surfers while we wait out for the re-opening of the beaches. We would also like to highly encourage everybody to make the most of the upcoming national move to level 4 lockdown with the freedom to walk, run, and cycle in the early mornings. Get outside and get active. Breathe in the fresh air, feel your blood streaming throughout you, and get those endorphins pumping. We are so excited for this little bit of freedom and have remembered just how precious a simple walk down the road can be. Don’t forget to wear your mask and have hand sanitiser on you. Wink.

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