Allan Lombard enjoying the South Easter with the iconic Table Mountain in the background. Photo by Alan van Gysen.

Cape Town is one of the best cities in the world. It offers stunning nature, interesting history, diverse cultures, epic waves, great food and wine, and it is also one of the top kitesurfing spots, internationally.

From as early as October before summer time, when the weather starts to warm up, and until mid May, hundreds of tourists and locals flock to the west coast of South Africa and chase the predominant South Easter wind that can howl across the surface of the Atlantic Ocean for days on end. It is a solid, smooth and consistent wind making it suitable for kite surfers of any level.

According to long-time local kite surfer and all-round good lad, Allan Lombard, who has been kiting for an impressive 16 years, a high pressure system occurs to the left of South Africa rotating anti-clockwise, and this is what causes strong winds to occur from the south. These same patterns occur during winter. However, they shift so that the low pressure system hangs around Cape Town and spirals clockwise, which is what causes the northerly winds we get after summertime.

Allan Lombard smashing it. Photo by Alan van Gysen.

Allan proclaims that the South Easter is perfect for our strip of coastline. “From Sunset Beach to right up the west coast, the South Easter is a perfect cross shore wind. There is always wind swell in summer. So, whenever the wind blows, there is always a wave to smash!”
Allan also lets us in a bit on his unique view of the “energy” that Cape Town has to offer. “Each place in the world has its own energy/frequency, and the locals of each place that you go to, live and survive off of that energy. So, to go to beautiful places, each having its own frequency, other than ones own home town – can be quite an experience. Often leaving one with memories you never want to let go of.” Allan claims that this ‘spiritual’ energy originates from ground level. “Everything that is grown, cultivated, and eaten out of that ground, has a uniqueness about it and to it. And, Cape Town has this energy to it in summer as these winds pass over the ground.”
This particular frequency that is felt during the windy season of Cape Town probably gets passed on to its inhabitants. Friendly locals are always welcoming and willing to advise and help you, according to another local legend who has been kiting the coastline of Cape Town for about 10 years, Caroline Hossack. She proceeds to inform us about yet another reason why Cape Town is just excellent for kiting, as the long beaches on offer are stunning and great for downwind rides, and for launching/landing your kite, probably along with a helping help from these kind locals.
Keen for a bit of a boogie? Caroline rates the buzz of the local nightlife with beach bars and restaurants filled with sun kissed riders enjoying amazing views of the sun setting beyond the Atlantic Ocean. And, of course, the ever present Table Mountain.
If you are planning on visiting Cape Town especially for kiting, we highly recommend it! Even on the days when the wind is taking a break, there are many waves to surf and many sights to see. You will keep coming back for more.

Kite one of the world’s top spots, Cape Town. Photo by Alan van Gysen.

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